Canadian Eco-Couture Rocks


Heart on your sleeve is a small, sweet girlie store selling clothes with "stunning, sustainable style" that are Canadian-made, ethical, and highly affordable. With its wide range of labels, this is the place to catch up on the latest Canadian eco-couture--both local Toronto and from other provinces. The Made in Tieland bags are just that--made of recycled men's ties, sewn together in contrasting colours and patterns so that they match just about everything. Soft and made in various sizes, they are handy for schlepping tons of stuff by day, or smaller-sized for evening. Love Handles is a handmade handbag company based out of a Toronto bedroom. The handles are hand-made and wooden and the fabric is organic or vintage. Since it is all found in charity shops, there is a real variety of patterns and colours, from little girl to scandinavian and lots in between.

Thieves is a Toronto-made brand of women's clothing--very beautifully sewn jersey tops, dresses and blouses. Salts is from Vancouver Island, so it's sporty, casual and outdoorsy looking made of soy, hemp, bamboo, tencel and organic cotton. Devil May Wear is also jersey, very sexy and sophisticated tops and skirts. Mother Trucker is another Vancouver label, for the rock chick in you--a different style of hot tee-shirt for every pair of jeans that you own. All in all: Canadian green couture is up there with the best. Even the Financial Times (sort of) has acknowledged it, so it has to be true. :: heart on your sleeve

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