Butta Bamboo Undies


We do prattle on about the virtues of bamboo (renewable, fast growing, minimal synthetic agri-chemicals, soft hand, biodegradable and so on), as well as the development of fair trade (decent wages and conditions for workers). Well, here appears to be a brand working with both. Butta is the line of urban next-to-skin clothing for men and women, produced by Made In Africa. Offering an alternative to manufacturing in China and the Pacific Rim, the company wants to expand "a viable economic bridge between Africa and the United States." They suggest that countries such as Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, Gabon, Benin, Mali, Niger and Madagascar produce high quality finished garments in worker friendly environments. And, echoing the thoughts of Bono and his Edun line of threads, Made in Africa says, "although the African continent faces numerous challenges, trade, commerce and entrepreneurship will prove to be more effective than grants, aid and the like. Thus, our motto is "Africa Needs Trade Not Aid". ::Butta.

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