Business Unusual. Nau Close Doors, Then Releases Summer 08!


Barely a week after eco-clothier Nau saddened green hearts by announcing they were winding up, they have released what we assume was to have been their Summer 08 line. A collection of new pants, shorts, capris, and shirts. Along with some new brighter hues that add a little zing to their otherwise subtly toned colour palette. Mostly in certified organic cotton or recycled polyester. All still at 50% off.

And it seems that the closing down clearance is going gangbusters. We’re reliably informed that sales have been 2.5 times greater than their previous records (and they did have 50% off sales before.) A pity it’s all too late. Reading the 70+ comments on the Nau blog, it appears that the company’s green product and ethos certainly touched a heap of people. There are even calls from other green leaning businesses for a customer buyout. ::NauIf you missed what all the fuss was about, you can geta sense of it with this three part You Tube vid from a presentation given last year by Nau CEO Chris Van Dyke. He clearly articulates the grand experiment they had embarked on, and invited the event’s organisers to have him back in 18 months to talk about what worked and what didn’t. Nau that would be an interesting lecture.

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