Brooklyn shop offers locally made clothes and goods

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“We try to support local designers as well as manufacturers,” Natasha Samoylenko told me when I went to visit her shop. Trunk is an airy storefront on Jay Street in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Yes, there is something quintessentially “Brooklyn” about a store that specializes in locally made goods, but this shop is as practical as it is cool. Shopping locally for food is relatively easy in New York City, but getting clothing and other goods made here can be more of a challenge. Trunk proves that it can be done.

trunk brooklyn© Margaret Badore
The shop was opened in 2009 and has three co-owners, who all design some of the products in the shop. In addition to their own designs, you’ll find swimsuits made in Long Island, dresses made in Manhattan and shoes made in Brooklyn.

I was happy to find skincare products made here in New York, something I knew probably existed but hadn’t yet taken the time to find. “It’s like a well of information here,” said Samoylenko, who is constantly on the lookout for new makers and artists. There are about 30 artists represented at Trunk.

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The styles offered at Trunk tend to be unique and feature unusual cuts, and the collections aren’t trend-driven. There are a few items from slightly father afield, like tote bags made from organic fabrics in Wisconsin. “As long as it represents our mentality and ascetic,” Samoylenko said.

trunk brooklyn© Margaret Badore

It’s exciting to see a shop with a local manufacturing focus in New York, and I hope it can pave the way for more stores in other cities.

Brooklyn shop offers locally made clothes and goods
TRUNK, a designer-owned shop, leads the way towards a more local clothing economy.

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