Broken Ghost: Recycled shabby chic cowgirl flair for all sizes

Broken Ghost Clothing
© Broken Ghost Clothing

It's a fine line to tread when it comes to establishing what makes a fashion line sustainable, or green, or neither. We're always going to need some items of clothing, so it makes sense to ensure that the ones that we do buy are well-made, and designed to last, or support a cause or idea we find worthy (and that's why we continue to cover sustainable fashion brands, and also why we cover small, artisanal businesses too).

Focusing on transforming old, unwanted clothes into new, wearable beauties, Calgary, Canada-based Broken Ghost Clothing caught our eye with its bold shapes and colours, and distinct shabby cowgirl flair.

Broken Ghost Clothing© Broken Ghost Clothing
Broken Ghost Clothing© Broken Ghost Clothing

According to the EPA, 13.1 million tons of clothing are trashed each year in the United States; only 2 million tons are recycled though each year. So it is heartening to see more and more entrepreneurs and designers looking for fresh new ways to break this insanely wasteful cycle. Jana of Broken Ghost has this to say about her creative, recycled works that target women and girls of all shapes and sizes:

An artist all my life, I've created in many different mediums such as oil painting, floral design, home decor and mural painting. Being an owner of a consignment thrift shop for several years, I saw so many textiles ultimately go to waste. I began creating fresh new styles with the unwanted clothing and Broken Ghost Clothing was born.

I am ecstatic to continue to create fun and unique clothing for women and children in a variety of styles and sizes.

A few of Jana's pieces are more modernist in temperament, with their asymmetrical lines and colourful contrasts.

Broken Ghost Clothing© Broken Ghost Clothing
Broken Ghost Clothing© Broken Ghost Clothing

Yet, some are definitely unexpected, like this adorable bow-tie leg warmers, for pairing with boots.

Broken Ghost Clothing© Broken Ghost Clothing

Grown women shouldn't have all the fun though -- this little jumper for girls is just as sophisticated and fresh.

Broken Ghost Clothing© Broken Ghost Clothing

It's not easy to make recycled clothing stand out from the crowd, so we're loving some of the cowgirl-inspired details on Jana's work. Check out her Etsy shop over at Broken Ghost Clothing.

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