BrittaWear Take Me Away!

Designer Britta in sky blue hibiscus robe
Ever wish that you could keep that "on vacation" feeling once you make it back to home, work and life? Well the new organic robes from BrittaWear let you do just that. Blending a mixture of organic sensibility with southern-California-island-feel, these robes keep you mellow and relaxed whenever you put them on.

Designer Britta Wilson originally fell in love with the feel and comfort of the Japanese summer robe and wanted to bring the same style to the US. The Japanese summer Yukata is a less formal version of a kimono and it's made from cotton rather than silk. Cotton was the obvious choice because it is a blend of "comfort, ease and fashion. Terry cloth is so bulky and heavy and silk isn't nice because they kill the silk worms." Living in San Diego has impacted the designs by WIlson as there is a beach feel to all fashion and this is apparent in the styling of each robe.The robes range from a cream/natural color fabric with island themed trim, to robes that have an all-over flower print to them. The colors are great — not too bright, but also not "blah" either. Each of the designs — the terry velour and the poplin and all trim are 100% certified organic. The materials come from the US and Portugal and are manufactured in the US.

BrittaWear is a way for Wilson, A life-long environmentalist, to combine her passion for "nature, in particular a clean, pesticide-free and chemical-free nature," with her creative design side. After spending time at the San Diego Wild Animal Park doing educational programs and working at the San Diego Zoo, Wilson decided that if she was to create her robes, that they have to be environmentally-friendly, respecting animals and people.

For now, BrittaWear only makes women's robes but there are plans to expand the line to include men's and children's robes, as well as, eco-friendly clothing for women and possible eco-friendly home and pet products like organic cotton pet beds.

For more information, you can find them online at BrittaWear.

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