Bride marries in $36 wedding dress made of upcycled bread bag clips

recycled bread bag clip wedding dress
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Eco-conscious newly-weds-to-be will know that in reducing the ecological footprint of one's dream wedding, there's more than one way to tackle the problem of the wedding dress. Do you get it tailor-made by a local eco-fashion designer out of recycled fabrics? Do you make it out of toilet paper? Bubble wrap?

The possibilities are endless, but Trentham, Australia resident and fashion designer Stephanie Watson's lovely gown is probably one of the cheapest and most creative, being made out of over 10,000 recycled bread bag clips, to a total cost of AUD $36.

According to the Geelong Advertiser, Watson starting collecting her bread clips over a decade ago, when she and high school sweetheart and groom Will Wapling were still in their teens, joking that they would marry when she had gathered enough. Watson tells her story:

We started living together in Geelong and there was a pile of bread tags on the window sill which we just kept adding to. It was just a joke at the beginning, but then people heard about the idea and they started collecting for us

I was getting so many, I had to keep getting bigger and bigger jars. Then, 10 years later, I thought surely we’ve got enough for a wedding dress now.

Despite her best efforts, Watson didn't have enough ties, so Will's cousin, a baker, saved the day by donating an entire roll of tags.

With this windfall of extra clips, Watson then proceeded to painstakingly create her dream dress (which she nicknames "Nadine" on her blog) over the course of 300 hours, ensuring that the tags were overlapping one another to hide the reinforcing stitching. The end result is a one-of-a-kind, 15-pound dress that marked a special day last month for Watson and her husband:

I just didn’t want to have a normal bridal gown.

There are so many occasions where you can wear a beautiful feminine dress in your life. For a really special day I thought, why not have something completely outlandish?

More over at the Geelong Advertiser, Constructing Nadine and Stephanie's Etsy shop; check out more details on how to go green for your wedding.

Bride marries in $36 wedding dress made of upcycled bread bag clips
How one woman saved money and found a way to recycle a huge collection of plastic bread bag clips.

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