Boll Organic Business Shirts

It would appear that Tipster Kent R is an accountant. Which might just explain how he was the one that spotted these white business shirts before us. We're pleased he did. If all the 'suits' out there in the corporate world bought their shirts from Boll Organic. the world's agricultural lands would breathe a hearty sigh of relief. According to Boll, in the US alone, "over 50 million pounds (22.7 million kg) of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other chemicals were applied to cotton crops" during 2001. The company also points out that although it costs 30% more to make a dress shirt from organic cotton, they are not passing this cost onto their customers, choosing to sell the shirts for $55 USD. In addition they donate 1% of of total revenue to "organizations working toward a healthier environment." ::Boll Organic