bluesign: a Standard for Environmentally Safe Textiles

Cradle to Cradle fame, urges companies to spend more money on information-based supply chain improvements and less on testing, promising they will serious saving with this approach, citing a return on investment in just a couple of months. As their website states, "If no critical substances are found in the input, the output i.e. the final product is also free of critical substances."

And it seems the approach is attracting a strong cadre of advocates. Established in 2000 with a headquarters in Switzerland, bluesign technologies ag are working with the likes of Patagonia, Mountain Equipment Co-op, vauDe, Nike, Marks and Spencer, Eschler, Formosa Taffeta, Schoeller, Clariant, and Huntsman.

bluesign is another ecolabel to join the existing plethora, as discussed here, and here, but it does seem to offer greater depth than many of the others. ::bluesign technologies ag.