Blue Bretzels


That's bretzels, and it is French for pretzels. It is also a new line of ethical tee-shirts from France. What is amazing, and different about them is their use of colour. They have taken colours that are part of legend and mythology and used them for these monochromatic shirts.

Through an extraordinary camera process and dyeing techniques which took 4 years to perfect, they have managed to reproduce the luminous colours of the Mona Lisa's eyes (brown) and the original colour of a rivet from the Eiffel Tower as it was in 1889 and the colour of sand at a beach.

The blue of their name was taken from the first photo by Apollo 17, in 1972, from an altitude of 28.000 miles, over Madagascar, thus the expression "blue planet." It's very deep while very luminous. Then there is the iconic green of a 2CV Citroen car from the 70's, and the grey of Beluga caviar that is 100 years old. The pink is the colour of raspberry sherbet from la Maison Berthillon, a legendary ice cream parlour to which every tourist to Paris makes a pilgrimage.


The tee shirts are very simple but have lovely details; little bows on collars or twists that leave a sexy opening in the back. The fabric is a fine mix of cotton and bamboo, some have a touch of cashmere for more softness. They use only fair trade cotton and to reduce their carbon footprint this new company does all the knitting dyeing, cutting, making, embroidering and silk screening within a 200 km radius of a small town in France. :: Bluebretzel Via :: London Fashion Week

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