Bird — Climate Neutral Clothing


Some time ago we referred to Slingfings, a range of clothing and bags handmade at Byron Bay, on the north coast of NSW, Australia. The fabrics are reused, the sewing machines are solar powered, and carbon emissions are offset. Now Rachel Bending, the designer behind that brand, has added another to her quiver. 'Bird' is a fashion clothing line made of 'natural' fabrics, which are printed with nature inspired designs using water based dyes. The seasonally changing prints are sewn into apparently classical styled garments by home based outworkers, who are said to share the company's philosophy and use solar power. Working with the firm Climate Friendly, Bird is also reducing their impact on the climate — "freight of raw materials, manufacture, operations and delivery of finished goods has been calculated so that we can green our carbon emissions by funding projects that slow global warming." ::Bird [Flash Alert!], via Cool Hunting.