BioTech Fashion Struts its Stuff

Last week in Toronto attendees at the 2006 World Congress on Industrial and Biotechnology and Bioprocessing were treated to a fashion parade. Apparel fro designers such as Halston, Oscar de la Renta, Stephen Burrows, Heatherette, and Elisa Jimenez, Linda Loudermilk, Teija Eloila, Kei Kagami, Nadia Fassi, Bagutta and more, sashayed down the catwalk. Most of the models wardrobe was crafted from Ingeo, the polylactic acid (PLA) fibre derived from Cargill’s corn sugar fermenting processing. While the resulting fabrics are compostable, we have previously expressed concern over the use of genetically modified corn for such applications. The photo shows a skirt which we believe to be Ingeo, while the bustier is seemingly made from recycled polyester. Ingeo is said to have the ability to mimic silk, polyester, leather and elastic.::Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), via Yahoo.Deja Vu! Keen eyed TH writer Kyeann thought she had seen the above pictured ensemble before. And she was right too. Seems it was previously spied way back in February 2005, at the FutureFashion eco-fashion show as part of Verdopolis. Heatherette was the design house for the piece. More pics of other eco outfits via that FutureFashion link.

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