Bioneers 2008: Reincarnated Clothes Get a Second Chance at Cuteness

Bioneers Reincarnated Clothes Photo

One of the cool things about going to Bioneers was seeing all the clothing on display. There was organic cotton shirts, hemp clothes, clothes from recycled materials. But some of the cutest pieces on display were from Multiple Treads, which sported a line of "reincarnated clothing."

Check out some of the cool clothing reinvented by this company.

Bioneers reincarnated dress photo

All the clothes are made of old pieces that have seen better days and better styles. Taking them apart, restyling, and resewing them, designer Diane Austen uses up very few new resources while keeping old resources in the consumer stream and saving resources and a massive amount of energy.

Our mission is to re-use and recycle as much already existing resources as possible. We use carefully handpicked, recycled sweaters, t-shirts, ties, jeans and leather jackets, etc. Our line of unique clothing designs are created with charm and artistry. We sell "one of a kind" high quality, leading fashions that have an elegant, timeless touch.

The racks gave a whole new meaning to the treasure trove a thrift store can be if you happen to be handy with a needle and thread.

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