Bike To Work Pants: Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Night Lights Become Office Ordinary
This is one of those fun products that just makes you smile. From Lindland's Cordarounds, the makers of horizontal corduroy for guys, comes the Superman of commuting apparel, By day mind mannered, hard working, office compatible, cotton chino pants. But by night - flashy, 'Look at Me!, Look at Me!' cycling attire. More details and images below the fold.
Spin around in a phone booth, (or office cubical) and your super visible alter-ego is revealed. If not, then simply roll up the hems and/or lined cuffs, whilst pulling out the rear pocket bags to sport their highly reflective personas. The Illuminite Teflon looks black, but bounces back car lights, while the binding is referred to as "SCORCHlite, because it's so very, very bright."

Now we might take issue with the boppy little video, 'coz the bike lights and helmet are absent, but we do understand it's more about showing off how bright these duds are.

The Bike To Work Pants are made in San Francisco, California, by a crowd that seem to having too much fun to be in business. Drop their online store $95 and you can be ensuring drivers see you're on the street in no uncertain terms.

Cordarounds, via a tip from Nate T.

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