Bikaleh: Inspirations from Yoga

After a 2 or 3 year stint in the army, most young Israelis head to one of two places to let loose: India or Latin America. In Bikaleh, an organic clothing shop on Rehov Shlush in Tel Aviv, it is impossible not to see the Indian influence in the designer's clothes. But that's because the store owners have a long relationship with traveling to India for yoga practice.

"Clothes that People Wear" is the shop's slogan; and paying their Indian workers double the salary of what they would expect elsewhere is very fair trade in our books. Says Ariel Doron, co-founder of the company, "When you do yoga for many years, you start asking yourself what kind of foods you put in your mouth, how you treat other people, what kind of language you use," he says.

"Just like a correct yoga position is pleasing to the eye, so are the clothes. They are comfortable and correct; they allow the body to breathe and move," he says. "The purpose is that the clothes should serve you, not the other way around."

We like that organic and fair-trade clothing is catching on in Israel. ::Bikaleh
::Jerusalem Post

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