Beyond Skin: Sustanable, Vegan Shoes With Style

If you're a dapper young dandy or damsel, and you want to outfit yourself in the finest finery, sometimes the shoes can be the most elusive part. Too often, designers rely on flashy chrome-tanned leathers, or PVC-based glues to make their stilettos and pumps look their best. But Beyond Skin Ltd. is trying to change that...Their kicks are vegan, which no matter your ideology, means less heavy-metal laced leather flying around. Plus, other materials are made from organic cotton and promotional materials and packaging are printed on recycled stock with soy inks. They have a wide range of women's fashions, including a bridal collection, and even a few pairs that adventurous men can try on for size (awfully adventurous colors). Fortunately, or unfortunately, all shoes are hand made to order, so expect to pay quite a bit more, and to get quite a bit more as well. Also, bear in mind that their materials are "-- when possible -- the most natural, eco-friendly" so before you order, a call or E-Mail should help clear up exactly what you're getting. After all, your paying the extra, so you should get extra. :: Beyond Skin Shoes