Behind The Label by Lucire Magazine

Seems that Summer Rayn Oakes, long time eco-fashion activist is becoming even more active. Not only, as we just reported was she interviewed for Yogi Times, but she is set to become a columist with Lucire, a global fashion magazine based in New Zealand, who apparently, a couple of years ago, became the United Nations Environment Programme's first fashion industry partner. According to the publisher Jack Yan, "Consumers are looking for authenticity and need to know what they are buying." So Summer will run profiles of fashion brands under the banner of Behind The Label. She will "focus on a personal story of a different socially-conscious clothing designer every month." And why, when green and social issues, which are not the usual fare for the fashion industry, is Lucire magazine giving up column inches for such topics? Because, says their media release, "... we believe that helping the environment can be done in an innovative, cool way." Hear, Hear. All in favour, say Aye! The stories will be introduced in the September 05 print issue of the magazine, with a website going live in October. ::Behind The LabelPS: We wish Summer's column well, because it's not been an easy road to bring eco-fashion to the masses. Years ago there was Itch Magazine, about sustainability and fashion, from Denmark, which alas only managed a few issues. And another Treehugger fan, Remy Chevalier, has been endeavouring to get his green fashion Lumag up for years as well.