Be+Cause Clothing: Apparel for Life

Be+Cause is a new socially-responsible clothing line started by Tibetan Freedom Concert co-founders Erin & Deyden. The inspiration for the name? When asked why they've worked so hard to do so much good, the founders' answer was simple: because. A division of C3 Lab, be+cause focuses on good style and creative collaborations with a talented pool of artists and organizations; they aim to produce accessible fashion with responsibly-made products that support good causes. A percentage of proceeds of each shirt will benefit three organizations that work tirelessly in the fields of human rights, youth activism, and environment: ACORN and Southern Poverty Law Center, each earmarked for Katrina relief, and Students for a Free Tibet. The garments aim to inspire, raise funds and awareness for the beneficiaries, and are manufactured responsibly in the USA. In addition to the Hero 1 (pictured, one of three), you'll find other shirts and accessories for men and women. Hero 1 goes for US $28. ::be+cause via ::Cool Hunting