Bebecito Organic: Clothing For Punk Rock Kids

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Your bebecito doesn't have to speak spanish, english or even know baby sign language to understand that the new onesies and tshirts from Bebecito Organics are really cute and versatile. Plus, the designs are all part of an artist series, so not only is your baby trendy in her organic clothing, but now he/she will fit in with all of the hipsters with her arts designs.The clothing is all organic, the dyes are all water-based (no PVC or plastisol-inks on these tees) and they come in a drawstring bag that can be used as a convenient carrying-case to store a variety of baby items. Like many companies these days, with every item sold, a tree is planted - so you can let go of your guilt from creating more carbon emissions produced in the manufacture and shipping of the clothing.

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While they only have a handful of designs at this time, this company is still growing and has big plans for the future. Currently the clothes showcase designs from artist Azul de Corso, who has designed for MTV and VH1, and thus all designs have a punk rock feel to them. Each of the onesies and tshirts come in very gender neutral colors, so when your baby outgrows them, you can easily pass them on to a boy or a girl - pretty good idea when it comes to making a sustainable product.

You can find Bebecito Organics online now or in a few baby boutiques across Florida. Each item retails for USD$24. :Bebecito Organic
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