Banner Jackets and Cans Bags by Brazilian Reciclar T3

Maybe these ones are for the really daring ones, but we have to give them some credit for the outrageousness! These pieces of clothing and accessories were made by Reciclar T3, a non governmental organization that promotes self-sustainability in Brazilian lacking communities through recycling industrial and domestic solid refuses. And yes, those jackets seem to be made from banners and the suitcases and purses in the extended, from cans. As we said, all of Reciclar T3 products are made in poor communities in Brazil, and the profit of the sales goes to the Productive Units in these communities. One of them (the Productive Paper Unit) is formed by young prisoners with probation and a very poor community of Vila Embaubas; and the other (Productive Unit of Other Materials), is formed by youngsters, adults and aged people from Vila Tiradentes. Their website is a bit out of date, but they communicated that pretty soon they’ll have it updated and ready to place orders online. Meanwhile, they sell in Belo Horizonte and Minas Gerais, Brazil, or through specific orders via e-mail at instituto [at] reciclar-t3 [dot] org [dot] br. They have already exported to Netherlands and Germany. ::Reciclar T3

Yes, it's a suitcase made from cans, and it doesn't look so bad!


Purse from cans.


A room decorated with Recilar T3 furniture.