Bamboo Shirt Secures Eco Beachhead for White Sierra

altWhite Sierra, an outdoor apparel brand, released a men’s shirt last season that they called the Tecta. Shown here, it’s made of a blended fabric tagged Bam Bam Weave, seeing as it has a 55% bamboo content. The other 45% being polyester. They claim the bamboo is grown free of pesticides and provides antimicrobial and natural sun protection attributes. Anyhow, it must’ve been a bit of a hit because for the Spring of 2008 it will have have spread across another 3 styles including two for women. Plus they’re running with a recycled polyester blend (5 soda bottles per shirt), and some styles in linen (flax), a fabric which they suggest uses half the water required for the equivalent cotton. We take this increase in eco-fabric styles to indicate business confidence that customers will continue to embrace greener product alternatives. And why not, now that quality and performance have come a long way? ::White Sierra, via Outdoor Industry Assoc.

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