Avita — Sexy Green — Hah!


I, for one, can’t see how we can suggest to people that going green can ever be sexy. It just ain’t gonna happen. I mean who would dream of using recycled fabrics and bamboo to make slinky apparel? Ridiculous! And who does Avita’s Amanda Shi think she is? Launching a 100 piece collection with colours like toffee, kelp, tangerine, lavender and powder blue. And hot pink, for heavens sake. OK, so she has added organic cotton and recycled cashmere to her existing mix of cashmere, silk and bamboo, but, really, who ever heard of a burlap sack being called alluring, feminine, comfortable, flirty or exquisite? Come on, we’re TreeHuggers, we’re not falling for this, it’s some sort of ploy. Just look at those filmsy birkenstocks that woman is wearing, How does she expect to chop wood, get water from the well and tend the vegie patch in those? ~:^) ::Avita, via Fashion Windows.

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