Autonomie Project Brings Style to Fair Trade Accessories

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While not as true as it once was, eco-friendly and fair trade clothing often still lacks that special something. The Autonomie Project is out to prove that idea wrong by providing sustainable, fair trade clothing and accessories that have style and supports the local communities where they are made. The company was created by four friends who wanted to make their mark on the eco-clothing world, while still using fair trade goods to provide income and improvements for developing communities. While providing a fair wage, Autonomie Project also provides communities with health clinics and steady, reliable sources of water. All materials used in the products are eco-friendly, including organic cotton, FSC certified rubber, locally-sourced materials and no animal products, making the items all vegan as well. The clothing is produced in small cooperatives and fair-trade certified facilities, where workers are all paid a fair wage.

So about the goods. By far, my favorite section on the site is the bag section, with bags all made from a womens coop in Peru using 100% fair-trade certified organic yarns or recycled materials turned into yarns. The styles (clutches and shoulder bags) are just really cute and timeless with muted colors and very functional designs.

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They also offer hats, shirts and shoes, all of which are eco-friendly, vegan and fair trade. The shoes are many different variations of low-top and high-top converse, which are all organic, as well as some Ethletic flip flops. The tshirts are all organic, but only have a handful of basic logo designs for both men and women.

The shoes range in price from $20USD for flip flops to upwards of $90 for the high-top hand-painted converse. Bags range in price from $35USD to $60 USD. While the site is still small and only offers a few, select items, Autonomie Project has definite potential be a source for high-quality, fair trade items. You can also find Autonomie Project items in retail stores all along the east coast, throughout the midwest and even a few shops out west. :Autonomie Project
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