Ask Me About My Gas : Say It With A Shirt

Lately, the T-shirt fad is reaching a fever pitch. New independent designers surface daily, offering small batches of ultra-cool printed tees to add to your collection. There are gallery shows, contests, and cotton threads with cult status. Within such a frenzied trend, it's sometimes hard to see the good stuff clearly. Let us help clear the cotton from your brain by pointing out two San Franciscans who are creating T-shirts that not only feature stellar art, but are Treehugger-friendly times two! — printed on American Apparel blanks and promoting biodiesel...As far as trends go, the biodiesel industry is growing a little slower than the T-shirt industry, but like all things green, the key is giving it mainstream appeal and accessibility. Ask Me About My Gas invites inquiry from uneducated readers of T-shirt text by printing their provocative company name on the shirts. Four styles feature different types of diesel vehicles: a Mercedes, a truck, a semi and a tractor, each with "Ask Me About My Gas" above the image, and a little clue below about the tee-wearer's potentially embarrassing problem: it's biodiesel. Visit the website for a clever overview of biodiesel's history, info on the member-owned SF Biofuels Cooperative, and online ordering. :: Ask Me About My Gas :: by Sarah Rich