Ascension Tee-Shirts are Cool and Charitable

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Their website asks the question: " So we're an eco-friendly clothing brand, surely that's a given these days?" And the answer is that sadly it is not always the case, so let's celebrate the winners. These tee-shirts have their roots in Manchester and their heart in India.

The tee-shirts are ecological and made of Soil Association approved organic cotton. They are produced in wind and solar powered factories in India, which are certified. And since Ascension feels that it is important to give something back, 10% of their gross profit is contributed to the Life Association charity which feeds, clothes and houses orphaned children in India.

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And what about the clothes. They are cool, urban streetware with good design and bright colours. The images are witty and sharp: over-sized sunglasses, shards of colour, and leaves on a hoodie sweatshirt. Other women's tees say "Bake More Cake" with an image of a whisk and "naturalise".

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The jeans are made of organic cotton in a low-pollution, certified factory in Bulgaria.
The dyes are vegetable based. If you are looking for a change, here's a good place to start. Ascension
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