Arc'teryx Makes Recycled Cape of Good Hope

Arcteryx Homeless Cape Project photo

Photos: Arc'teryx, via SNEWS

A while back we wondered why the otherwise highly innovative outdoor brand Arc'teryx didn't seem to be embracing more environmentally benign materials in their much acclaimed line of clothing, packs or climbing gear. Though Tom Duguid, their marketing manager, did leave a comment advising us Arc'teryx would be introducing some recycled content fleece, in products like their Strato Hoody and Jacket for Men and Women. And they have.

Additionally we were pleased to learn recently of an Arc'teryx staff initiative to reuse end-of-roll and discontinued fabrics in the manufacture of Gore-Tex capes as inclement weather protection for the homeless people of Vancouver, Canada.SNEWS reports that last year employee volunteers cut and sewed 560 capes for the city's street people. The capes were passed on their no doubt appreciative new owners via the Salvation Army. In 2009 they handed out 300 capes. While staff donate their time to make the capes, Arc'teryx do support their social contribution by providing time off in lieu with pay. The project is known as the Bird's Nest initiative, blending the company's name Archeopteryx Lithographica (the first bird to fly), with the shelter the cape affords homeless folk.

Reminds me of another initiative. called the Bivouac Project, that once operated in New York, where climbers, mountaineers and backpackers were encouraged to donate unwanted outdoor jackets, fleece garments, sleeping bags and the like, so that these could be distributed to that city's homeless population.

Heartwarming that those who have more can share with those, who through unfortunate circumstances, find themselves with less. Even a little light shone in the darkness seeds hope.

Arc'teryx via SNEWS
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