Architect footwear by Footprints

Ssssh, we think the TH boss is still on holidays. He has a thing against this brand of footwear. Let's try and sneak them past him, while he’s not looking. An abrasion and slip resistant outsole, that can be resoled when it does eventually wear out. It’s made of a special polyurethane that is said to be recyclable. Cushioning is providing by a cork midsole, a 200 year proven performer in footwear – which is definitely biodegradable. The footbed liner is vegetable dyed suede, with full grain leather or suede uppers. They were conceived by Yves Béhar, industrial designer from Fuseproject, to add a contemporary look to a long tradition of ergonomic fit, recyclability and adherence to strict German environment laws. In case you haven’t guessed it, they’re made by Birkenstock. Ssssh! ::Footprints [by WM]


Womens Vigo $99 USD (special)


Mens Tuscany $99 USD (special)