Arbor Snowboards Take to Bamboo with Ardour


Arbor Snowboards include bamboo in their top sheets, as we've noted here and there in previous posts. News just in is that they love the stuff so much they are moving their apparel line into it as well. First comes the ubiquitous T-shirt. But it don't stop there, no siree. "The T-shirts that we're doing are just the first step," says Arbor President Bob Carlson, who says future bamboo products may also include fleece, headwear, button-downs, denim, and possibly first layers for riding. Arbor like bamboo for threads because it has natural antibacterial properties, wicks moisture, is strong, cashmere soft, and "on top of that, it has the environmental story." Curvy types get 100% bamboo, while that half of the species enamored with TV remotes will have a mix of 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton. Due out for the Fall/Winter 2007 season in the mid $30 USD range. ::Arbor Snowboards Via Transworld Business.