Alternative launches multifunctional “Move” collection

Alternative sports gear
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Alternative is known for its wardrobe basics, made from organic cottons and recycled eco-fabrics. The company’s newest collection, called "Move," is an activewear line that aims to work for any workout.

“We wanted to be sure it wasn’t dedicated to just one activity,” said lead designer Tiffany Ruiz. Before creating the collection, the Alternative design team collected a group of women who inspire them, to learn about the different sports they’re involved in. Ruiz said it went way beyond yoga, to include hiking, rock climbing, and dance.

This multi-functional approach means you can do more activities while owning fewer items. For example, the high-waisted leggings are not only great for yoga, but also have hidden pockets to stash your keys and phone while out on a run or hopping on your bike.

sports gear by Alternative Apparel © Alternative

Ruiz said she was influenced by “the organic way dancers dress,” which doesn’t appear to take clothing very seriously and has a more thrown-together feel. This fits well with Alternative's signature styles for women, which tend to be relaxed and have a bit of a “girly tomboy” air about them.

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The look may be effortless, but there’s been a lot of thought put into functional details. The bra tops hide pockets, the long-sleeve tee has thumb-holes, and a number of the garments have peek-a-boo cutouts that make them a little more breathable and add a little extra fun to the clothes. “We’re really proud of this collection,” said Ruiz. “That functionality is so important to us."

Alternative launches multifunctional “Move” collection
Eco-conscious clothing maker has a new collection of versatile sports gear.

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