Ali Organic Wear from Italy

My Dad always impressed upon me that any job worth doing, was worth doing well. Maybe Italy's Claudia Sgarbi had similar influences, because her Ali line of organic apparel and homewares shows distinct attention to detail. The business takes as its purpose to "make only clothes and furnishing products with organic and natural fibres and no chemical treatment at all." So, as you might expect, there are liberal appearances from the usual suspects: organic cotton, linen, hemp, wool and silk. But the cotton sewing thread is also 100% certified. Buttons too are crafted from natural sources such as coconut, tagua, raffia seed, wood and mother-of-pearl. Some of their bub's clothes use metal snap fasteners, which are nickel-free to minimise allegies. In a similar vein, all elastic is covered, so avoiding skin contact, presumably to accommodate those customers who might get reactions to latex. The range covers childrens, womens, mens, bedding, towels and more. ::Ali Organic Wear