Ailin: Eco-Active Wear With Style

Things that don't make sense to sporty TreeHuggers:
+Stinky PVC yoga mats
+Toxic surf wax
+Sweatshop manufactured athletic outdoor wear made from non-recycled petroleum products (try saying that five times fast).

The good news is we: 1) have the scoop on natural rubber yoga mats; 2) recently heard about biodegradable surf wax; and 3) just received a tip on the fall collection of eco-sweet active wear from Ailin outdoor clothing company. Better yet, Ailin's looks are so stylish that even the non-sporty 'Huggers can enjoy the benefit of their PCD (post-consumer downcycled) tops, skirts, pants and jackets. If you like what you see, have questions about the products, or want to get in on a great community dialogue about action-activism check out the AilinBlog.