Adv3nture launches new 'outdoor jacket system'

Adv3nture jackets
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After record-breaking success with its first hoodie, the Adv3nture brand is back with some cool new features and its noted versatility.

Have you ever found yourself carrying a cup of coffee to a friend, hoping it doesn't cool down too quickly? Or been on an airplane, wishing your pillow was bigger and more comfortable? Perhaps you've found yourself stuck without bottle opener at an inconvenient time. Well, if you'd been wearing an Adv3nture jacket at the time, all of these (arguably minor yet annoying) problems would have been resolved!

The new hoodies, fleeces, jackets, and parkas made by Adv3nture and just launched in a new Kickstarter campaign contain an impressive number of features that make them highly useful in every situation. These include a special insulated beverage pocket to stash coffee or beers, complete with an emergency bottle opener. A large inner fleece-lined pocket fits the entire jacket, allowing it to transform into a comfy pillow on the go. There's a zippered passport pocket, a small sunglass pocket, and magnetic pocket closures.

On a more serious note -- for all those times when you'd rather be warm and dry, and couldn't care less about a bottle opener -- the inner fleeces and hoodies zip into the shells, meaning they can be worn separately or together, depending on the temperature. They contain vents to control temperature, have waterproof and windproof fabrics, feature waterproof zippers and seams, drawstring waists and wrists, and chafe-resistant shoulder fabric.

The Adv3nture brand was founded by Zane Lamprey, a long-time professional traveler and apparel designer who has filmed travel shows for National Geographic, Food Network, and Travel Channel over the past ten years. He has been to 65 countries, which means he's learned a thing or two about what makes a garment useful on a trip. His experiences have influenced his designs.

Zane Lamprey© Kickstarter -- Zane Lamprey shows off the Wind Cave Windbreaker

His first product, the Adv3nture Hoodie, was a record-breaking fundraiser on Kickstarter, bringing in more than $1.6 million. Now Lamprey is following up with his new "outdoor jacket system," comprised of four different coats. There are two inner layers -- the Voyageurs Hoodie and the Badlands Fleece -- and two outer layers -- the Wind Cave Windbreaker and the Glacier Parka. In just over week, Adv3nture has raised nearly US$223,000 from an initial target of $50,000.

Adv3nture pledges to plant three trees for every jacket sold. From the campaign page:

"We have created a tree program whereby we plant three indigenous trees in areas of the US that have been affected by forest fires and deforestation. We work with arborists and environmental scientists to ensure that the trees that we're planting are the best for the location that we'll be planting. Every product backed in this campaign will have three trees planted in the US."

There is a lot about Adv3nture that pleases this TreeHugger, from the tree-planting itself to smart, high-quality products designed to be versatile and multipurpose. What I would like to know more of, though, is where and how these jackets are made. (I'm not a big fan of fleece, to say the least.) Hopefully the brand will provide more in-depth information about this. Keep tuned for an update.

Adv3nture launches new 'outdoor jacket system'
After record-breaking success with its first hoodie, the Adv3nture brand is back with some cool new features and its noted versatility.

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