Adidas Goes Guerilla Gardening

Here's an ad campaign for Adidas new eco range, Grun, that is bringing together quite a few green concepts into one curious melange. First we've got the product--Adidas has a a new line of shoes which are made from recycled and natural materials. They are also making clothing from hemp and bamboo; the new Reground range is fully biodegradable, including the first ever completely biodegradable zipper. Their Recycled line is made of materials such as old tires. Then the advertising and green link: they have joined up with dazed & confused (magazine) to encourage people to do guerilla gardening in grim and ugly places; swapping spray cans and tags for seeds and bulbs. Submit a picture of your efforts and the ten winners get a discount on any Adidas gear.

Then they have added a sculptural "art" element--this sinister looking "hand" (pictured) made of wicker and wire is 12 feet high and is perched on a shop roof, overlooking a busy street in London's hip east end, as part of the promotion. Another creation, now gone, was a skip full of flowers. They are planning ten more of these around town. It's all interesting, but what it adds up to is a bit of a confusing mish mash of green elements. :: Dazed

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