A visit to "Well Fashioned Eco Style in the UK"


From Bonnie in London- Off to " Well Fashioned Eco Style in the UK" , an exhibition of new green fashions (see Petz's post here) to see if this clothing is wearable and how serious these designers really are. The answer to both questions: very. Obviously the exhibiting designers are small traders whose volume will make very little impact in contrast to the main stream, big designer companies. But they are making use of alternative fabrics like hemp, bamboo and wild silk and recycled materials in novel ways.

from enamor

The women at Sari (saricouture.com) are recycling saris collected from the indian community's churches and schools and making exquisite long gowns and beaded jackets.

B. Earley reinvents second hand polyester shirts and turns them into something wonderful.

Ciel has created quilted fabric for winter coats which is warm and good looking. Edson Raupp makes handbags out of recycled men's suiting fabric.

Care of the clothing is important-- many of the designers emphasize that clothes can be washed at a low 30 degree C temperature, others will take back sneakers that have been used and recycle them, other garments are multifunctional, thus reducing the need to acquire more items.

Can you wear them every day? Yes and no—some are quite conservative and suitable for an office, most are better for a funky party or a bar. They are all pretty expensive (280£ for a jacket) But the important thing is that they set a high standard and mark a new direction and the mainstream stores are already starting to take note. :;Well Fashioned