Ringo Starr Designs Timberland Boots for Charity

Timberland is giving their Earthkeepers footwear collection a charitable twist with the launch of a new initiative, called "Canvas that Cares." They're going big with their inaugural collection of limited-edition, custom-designed kicks with the help of rock legend Ringo Starr. Starting December 1, Timberland will auction off 75 pairs of boots featuring Starr's original peace sign artwork on eBay to benefit international non-profit WaterAid. Plus, each pair will be signed by Starr (the first time in three years that he has signed any memorabilia) to boot.

The boot chosen to don Starr's original artwork? A pair of Earthkeepers City 6" Leather and Fabric Side Zip boot. The kicks feature three embroidered stars along the back of the boot and Timberland's "Bionic" canvas, which is an organic cotton material wrapped around a recycled PET core. Each pair comes with two sets of laces in different colors and styles.

The design balances art and function. They're certainly statement-making kicks though, given Starr's massive number of fans, I wonder if anyone would actually wear them outside for fear of ruining them.

Timberland is mixing up the different auction packages: 35 pairs will come with a Whiteledge Recycled Nylon Packable Duffel Bag in assorted colors and 10 pairs will come with a second pair of Earthkeepers City 6” Leather and Fabric Side Zip Boots, in a range of sizes. Important to note here is that all 75 pairs of Starr's limited-edition kicks comes in a size 8, which is fortunate for those who share Starr's shoe size but not so much for anyone else.

With bids starting at $250, the collaboration hopes to raise at least $18,750 for WaterAid--and I imagine it will raise a lot more than that. You'll want to mark your calendar and act fast if you want a chance at bidding on the boots. The auction opens at 9pm (EST) on December 1 and ends at 9pm (EST) on December 11. Visit Timberland Canvas that Cares to place your bid.

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Ringo Starr Designs Timberland Boots for Charity
Ringo Starr lends his original peace sign artwork to 75 pairs of Timberland boots to support WaterAid.

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