In New York, a New Boutique Tailors Vintage Fashion Just for You

Grey Era vintage© Grey Era

It's not news that I love vintage fashion, from covering vintage fashion pop-up boutiques to modeling in and styling a look book for Market Publique. So when Grey Era, a new vintage boutique that offers a slew of wardrobe staple pieces and free tailoring (for items over $120), opened its doors, I knew it was worth looking in to.

Grey Era vintage© Grey Era
Located in New York's East Village at 435 East 9th Street, Grey Era is nestled amongst some of the city's best vintage shops, from Buffalo Exchange (332 East 11th Street) to Tokio 7 (83 East 7th Street).

Grey Era is not your standard Goodwill or Salvation Army. Meaning, you pay for the edited selection. If you're not an experienced vintage shopper or don't want to pick through mounds of clothing, this place is for you. Personally, I don't mind picking through the muck at a cheap vintage shop--it's part of the fun--but Grey Era offers a level of shopping comparable to buying new.

Grey Era vintage© Grey Era

Owner and stylist Sierra Fromberg dry cleans all of the items prior to selling them. Clothing and accessories start at around $20, with the bulk of the pieces coming in at around the $100 mark. The "free" tailoring, for pieces priced at $120 and over, is an extra incentive to spend a little more. I think more vintage shops should offer this service. I often tailor things on my own, but I am by no means trained.

Grey Era vintage© Grey Era

Grey Era boasts a selection of wardrobe staples, which can be worn year round, season after season. In cases where the clothing can be worn long-term, the extra money (and tailoring) might be worth it. From the website:

Grey Era focuses on high-quality, staple wardrobe items customers can wear throughout the changing seasons such as lightweight silk tops, men’s inspired suit pants, and 90’s-style maxi dresses that are perfect all year long. Add to those a big, chunky wool fishermens sweater, super soft cashmere tights and socks, and a pair of well-worn leather boots and customers have a cozy, stylish look to carry them through winter.

“Staple pieces are the basis of any woman’s wardrobe," Fromberg says. "At Grey Era, I work with each customer individually to ensure their everyday wardrobe is just as fabulous as what they would wear to a special event." And like Rent the Runway, customers can occasionally rent out garments at 40% of the purchase price, plus security. (Note: the service is primarily for fashion stylists and designers.)

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In New York, a New Boutique Tailors Vintage Fashion Just for You
In New York's East Village, Grey Era vintage boutique offers wardrobe staple pieces and free tailoring.

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