5 Timeless Fashion Trends to Emerge From NY Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

Organic by John Patrick© Organic by John Patrick
. Timeless trend alert: full skirts, at Organic by John Patrick, spring/summer 2013.

A fashion trend by nature is not sustainable: what's in one season is out the next, ever fueling over-consumption.

While New York Fashion Week supports the disposable, fast-fashion cycle it is possible to enjoy the popular styles of the season by simply sticking to, what I call, timeless trends: classic styles that have wardrobe staying power.

This spring 2013 season, pass on popular fashion trends like bare midriffs and baseball caps, because a closer look at the runway shows reveals that the top fashion trends of spring/summer 2013, from narrow trousers to full skirts, have one major quality in common: they have timeless appeal--and that's something worth investing in.

1. Full Skirts

Like the peplum trend--more on that, below--full skirts create a flattering silhouette. Seen in skirts and dresses, it is a timeless style that can be worn just as easily with a tank top as it can with a blazer or a cropped jacket--another notable trend this season. Notable sustainable designer John Patrick shows a mini full skirt in navy, made with Irish linen, and styled with a blazer, this season in his line Organic.

This timeless trend graced the runways during New York Fashion Week at Honor in a knee length white skirt, Pierre Balmain in a long-sleeve LBD, and at Tibi in mini-full skirt and a LBD.

2. Color Blocking

Mara Hoffman© Mara Hoffman
. Mara Hoffman spring/summer 2012.

Color blocking--simply pairing more than one solid hue together in an ensemble--is still going strong for spring/summer 2013. Fall 2012 collections from designers like Carrie Parry and CrOp by David Peck boasted this popular fashion trend.

CrOp by David Peck© CrOp by David Peck
. CrOp by David Peck spring/summer 2012.

At New York Fashion Week this season, designer collections from M. Patmos to Diane von Furstenburg prove that color-blocking has staying power. Mara Hoffman's red and magenta dress is a perfect example of the colorful trend: thanks to a flattering, below-the-knee hem and an overall classic silhouette it has timeless appeal. Also notable from the New York-based designer: Polynesian-inspired accessories made from plants, Ecouterre reports.

3. Peplum Skirts

. Paris Hilton and Rachel Zoe check out Charlotte Ronson's peplum dress.

The peplum has a classic feminine silhouette that has timeless appeal. It is popping up everywhere, on dresses, skirts (Pierre Balmain), and tops (Vera Wang, Pierre Balmain). The peplum creates a feminine silhouette and draws attention to a smaller waist. Charlotte Ronson featured the style in a blue and white dress at her runway show.

. The classic peplum trend pops up on the street, worn by style blogger Julia Engel during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

The classic style is also wearable off the runway as evidenced by style blogger Kristina Bazan, who wore a striking blue skirt at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. In skirts, the peplum is chic with a looser-fitting silk blouse and looks equally as good with a tighter top, which draws attention to a smaller waist.

4. Cropped Jackets

. CrOp by David Peck, spring/summer 2013.

Another great trend to appear on the runways this season: cropped jackets. I have had a woven, red and pink silk cropped jacket by Kenneth Cole in my closet for New York for more than 10 years and it's still going strong. A cropped jacket is versatile: it pairs nicely with high-waist trousers and skirts, especially full skirts, can be easily dressed down with a t-shirt underneath, and is perfect for when you don't want to commit to wearing a full on coat.

Crop by David Peck gives this spring 2013 trend a colorful, cape-like spin. Other notable cropped jackets this season appeared at Donna Karan, elegant with an oversize collar; Gretchen Jones, white with a tailored fit; and at Edun, army green with full sleeves.

5. Narrow Trousers

. Gretchen Jones, spring/summer 2013.

Narrow trousers made it big at fashion week this season. From Escada and Erin Fetherston to Prabul Garung and Pierre Balmain, designers give the classic wardrobe staple major cause for applause by sticking to classic solid hues. Designer Gretchen Jones, on the other hand, shakes up the timeless silhouette with a vibrant fabric, making it more of a statement piece than a classic staple.

.The author, Emma Grady, at right, with Goodlifer's Johanna Bjork

Narrow trousers also appeared on the street at New York Fashion Week: Glamour editor Maria Jacobs donned a printed pair and yours truly--pictured above, at right--opted for classic black.

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5 Timeless Fashion Trends to Emerge From NY Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013
Not all fashion trends are disposable. Here are the top 5 timeless fashion trends upon us now.

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