5 Organic Childrens Products for the Fall

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Just in time for the Holiday Season, several childrens clothing outfits offer cute new choices. One label is offering prizes to the winner of their design contest. Another has cute peace sayings on kids tops, while a third offers more upscale childrens clothing designs. A UK-based kids clothier even allows you to purchase carbon offsets and a cleaning company adds toy cleaning products to their line. The companies are US and UK based and now available online and in a few retail stores. While its easy to deny buying products for grownups, its hard to make a kid go through life without toys or any creativity, so for the tiny tots in your life, here goes. Let's get started.

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House of Mongrel, available just in time for the holidays, features rough and tumble ready 100% organic clothing. Each of the items come in a couple of colors - green, red, cream, blue, yellow, orange and have funny sayings - but of course. While the items steer clear of political themes, there are a few that promote peace. Hoodies, tshirts, onesies, bodysuits, pants, skull caps, are all available. Each hang-tag is screen printed on the t-shirt and all items are made in their fair trade facility in India.

Little Chickie Wear Inside Me Onesie
Little Chickie Wear creates onesies, tshirts and hats for younger children sizes 3 months to 6T. All of the clothing is 100% organic cotton and uses no dyes. Inspiration for the designs comes from the antics of the designer's daughter or from scraps picked up while traveling. There are over 30 designs for the tees and its easy to get a tshirts/onesie and a matching hat to make a cute gift set for the new baby in your life. Right now, if you submit a clever saying or cute design, and are chosen as the next tshirt graphic, you will win a tshirt or onesie of your choice and a copy of Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions. Entries are due by December 15, 2008.
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Egg Baby items are designed by Susan Lazar and are very trendy when it comes to baby and children's clothes. These styles are well-made, but probably more for your sunday finest and not for romping around the backyard. Cabled sweaters and rompers, dresses, hoodies, onesies and tunics are all made with 100% organic cotton. Egg produces clothing for all ages and Egg Baby is just the latest in their eco clothing empire. In addition to clothing, they also offer childrens bedding and pillows made from organic materials. FYI, not all of the items are organic. Each season Egg creates a limited edition tshirt and sends a portion of the proceeds to a children's education cause.

Mimimyne (pronounced: Me Me Mine) has kids clothing, toys, furnishings, accessories and even carbon offsets for sale. Cardboard and Teepees from Paperpod and toys made from recycled cashmere and wool scraps can be found in the shop. The clothes are cute and made for kids but look like the could be found on the back of any indie guy or gal walking down the street, which is what Tabitha Potts, owner, was aiming for with her "environmentally aware modern design for children." You can also purchase carbon offsets through the website from Carbon Care to go with your purchase to offset the shipping.

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Dapple Baby makes safer household cleaners and now has a childrens toy cleaner to add to their collection. The spray and wipes are made without synthetic dyes/fragrances, paraben, phthalates, or SLES. In addition, the chemicals are not anti-bacterial. The cleaners were designed with input from pediatricians and green chemists and are 100% biodegradable (made from purified water, baking soda, natural cleaners from fruits, tree oils and glucose, french lavender essential oil, essential oil dispersant and a preservative derived from natural amino acid) so your child can put toys in their mouth and be free from germs as well as toxic chemicals. Dapple Baby can be found online at diapers.com. In addition, they also make safe household cleaners for the rest of your house including dish detergent and dish soap and laundry detergent so you can keep your kids clothing free from harmful chemicals too.

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5 Organic Childrens Products for the Fall
Just in time for the Holiday Season, several childrens clothing outfits offer cute new choices. One label is offering prizes to the winner of their design contest. Another has cute peace sayings on kids tops, while a third offers

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