5 Flirty Urban Looks for Spring/Summer from Nau

Nau© Daniel Sharp

As if blessed by the wand of a green fairy godmother, Nau manages to take urban and outdoor apparel and make it as soft and sexy as it is practical. Based in Portland, Oregon, the sustainable clothier focuses on the “modern mobile life” with a season-round palette, fabulous performance features, and smart, really cute design. Oh, and non-fussy, eco-friendly, materials, to boot. These looks presented for spring/summer 2012 say it all.

Pictured above: decypher jacket in tar heather, free range shirt in vetiver plaid, ribellyun tank in blade heather, flaxible short in caviar, and simple tote in caviar. ($40-$265)

Nau© Daniel Sharp

Sustainability is the keystone to all Nau’s collections -- organic cottons, traceable wools, and recycled polyester are the basics from which they knit and weave the structure of the line.

Pictured above: Ribellyun tank in blade heather with metric skirt in raven plaid. ($40-$140)

Nau© Daniel Sharp

With the spring/summer collection the company continues to pioneer new fabrics that reflect a commitment to sustainability and performance while maintaining a luxe aesthetic.

Pictured above: Organic cotton and linen a-dress in caviar. ($110)

Nau© Daniel Sharp

Nau© Daniel Sharp

Pictured top: variant dress in caviar, pentacle pant in ash, lightbeam tote in caviar. Bottom: Stripped down for evening, the variant dress solo. ($120-$135)

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