3D Printing Your Party Shoes: Hit or Miss?

downloadable design 3d printing photo shoe

Photos by Sonny

Got a party tonight? Need a jazzy pair of shoes? No need to run out to the store; just print them up on your desktop 3D printer. No need to have a huge closet to store all of your shoes; they will be part of a closed loop, going back into the vat when the party is over, to be reformed into a more practical design for the morning after.

downloadable design 3d printing photo pair

Core77 tells us that they are designed by Naim Josefi and Souzan Youssouf of Beckmans & Konstfack, two of Sweden's most prestigious design schools. They were manufactured using selective laser sintering, where a high powered laser fuses plastic powders.

downloadable design 3d printing photo  process

So you would order your shoe from the designer in Stockholm, adjust it for the exact size and shape of your foot, print it out and off you go to the party. From designer to desk, with the internet as the only intermediary. Your closet is now the cloud.

I think that there is a place for this in a green future; less space needed for storage, supply chain between designer and consumer virtually eliminated, greater consumer choice and control. Others think it's crazy talk, a reliance on high technology and plastics instead of natural materials that last. What do you think?

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