350.org Organic Cotton T-Shirts for October 24th International Day of Climate Action


Don some do-gooding duds for the 350 International Day of Climate Action with organic cotton t-shirts. Click through to purchase and folks in New York: please plan your day accordingly for the BROOKLYN BRIDGE WALK. When: Saturday, October 24th, 2009 at 12pm Where: Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge (there is an open plaza area across from the entrance to the bridge)In keeping with the positive goal of the 350 slogan and the "we're all in it together" approach to mobilizing the world's citizens, these shirts come with eye-catching designs and in a number of languages. However, the only t-shirt available for your wee-hugger is, unforch, conventionally grown cotton ; ( which for the kiddies is an especial no-no given young skin's extra sensitivity to and absorption of chemicals.

Un-Organic, too? Ho-hum...

Not to be eco-scolds, but we're giving a gentle slap on the wrist to our pals at 350.org for even hawking the non-organic cotton Ts. That said, go forth, shop and suit-up for the Global Day of Climate Action.

Get Your 350 Organic Cotton T-Shirt