3 One Of A Kind Eco Style Suggestions For Spring Include Gorgeous Tote

study ny t-shirt© Jamie Beck. Limited-edition Study t-shirt for Of A Kind.

Of A Kind collaborates with on-the-rise fashion designers on exclusive, limited-edition fashion and accessories, think everything from a hand dyed t-shirt to an over-sized tote bag. They have a passion for sharing the personal stories of the designers behind the labels and their hope is that the wearer will share that story, too.

Out now are 3 one-of-a-kind pieces that will surely add style--and a dash of sustainable fashion--to your summer wardrobe from some of our favorite eco fashion designers: Study by Tara St James, Lina Rennell, and Dirty Librarian Chains.

1. Windowpane Tee by Study NY

study ny t-shirt© Jamie Beck

Made in New York by the ever talented Tara St James, this t-shirt is organic, U.S.-made cotton and is dyed by hand in Brooklyn. Plus, it's limited edition so you won't see every last fashionista donning this edgy top--unless, of course, they are one of the lucky fifty people to snag it. ($78 at Of a Kind)

2. Cirrus Necklace by Dirty Librarian Chains

dirty librarian chains necklace© Jamie Beck

dirty librarian chains necklace© Jamie Beck

Dirty Librarian Chains' charming necklace is one of 26 made in Brooklyn from copper-, silver-, and gold-plated beads from the sixties and eighties that are paired with gold- and silver-plated vintage chains. It's feminine--dainty, even--and yet it has a hard-rock, industrial edge to. The result: an overall pleasing and balanced aesthetic. ($120 at Of A Kind)

3. Catch All Tote by Lina Rennell

tote bag© Jamie Beck

tote bag© Jamie Beck

Lina Rennell's hand-printed and sewn organic cotton tote is sure to excite bag envy from anyone caught schlepping a slew of small bags--it's not called the "Catch All" for nothing. Made stateside in California, this bag can function both as an every day bag and as a long weekend tote. ($98 at Of A Kind)

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