2(x)ist — Want Soy in Your Tee, Sir?

We've had to lift this info from a piece in the New York Times, because at the time of last look, the website of 2(x)ist was all flash and no detail. Anyhow the company has embraced soy as a fibre for their line of underwear. "The whole world seems to be going soy," said Jason Scarlatti, the design director for 2(x)ist. "Look at soy milk and soy lattes. We wanted to be on the pulse on what's going on." The NYT noted that 2(x)ist claim the undies, starting at $19.50 USD, are resistant to E .coli bacteria (make of that what you will!), packed "with amino acids that complement those of humans" and absorb 99.7 percent of ultraviolet rays. Apparently the goods (just for guys) are considered "slinkily soft and nicely styled." However a cotton industry representative, quoted in the article, couldn't see what the fuss was about, suggesting cotton fibres "come directly from the plant, whereas soy fibers are chemically manufactured." Directly from the plant? Oh, can he mean the same plant that is dosed in 25% of the world's synthetic insecticides, and the fibre that is swimming in formaldehyde to make it shrink and wrinkle resistant? Nah. Can't be conventional cotton, he's taking about. ::2(x)ist via ::New York Times. Whoops. In a 'momentary lapse of reason' we originally credited the another newspaper with this story. With a bashfully red face, we advise the wrong has now been righted. Pardon.