01M OneMoment. A New Biodegradable Shoe Concept

01M biodegradable shoe© 01M OneMoment

In the Amazon, the indigenous inhabitants used to paint the soles of their feet with natural latex to make walking through the jungle easier during the rainy season. Inspired by this ancient cradle to cradle design, the 01M OneMoment shoe line was born in Spain this year. 01M is a multi-functional shoe, or rubber sock more like it, made from 100% biodegradable raw materials.

01M biodegradable shoe packaging© 01M OneMoment

I tried it out and the 01M is really quite comfortable although I wouldn't wear it out in the city I guess. I can imagine wearing them at the beach or to do watersports, and find them useful when travelling due to their little weight (the lightest shoe in the world so the company claims) and compactness. In the space of the size of a standard pair of shoes fit over 30 pairs of 01Ms.

01M biodegradable shoe© 01M OneMoment

However, as a designer, I am most intrigued by the production technique. One single polymer injection (read less energy and CO2) allows them to obtain a 1mm thin shoe body that turns into a 2mm thin sole, all in one piece. This is what makes the shoe so comfortable as the feet are ventilated. Too thin you think? 01M explain:

At 01M onemoment we have paid a lot of attention to the Natural Walking concept. During use, some people consider our shoes too thin. It has been done on purpose and listening to world-class specialists in foot gear. Barefoot walking is the very best way of, not only pumping the heart, but for the complete weight supporting body structure. (Via “Walk Natural”)

And then there is the material. The biodegradable polymer is resistant, making the show durable, and elastic. The great thing of course is that this shoe is made entirely from renewable materials that are (including the funky colorants) fully biodegradable conform to OEKO-TEX and other european regulation. And the price you ask? 10€ a pair via the 01M OneMoment web shop.