Wineries For Climate Protection – the Manifesto!

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Wineries in Spain are conscious of the fact that vines are very sensitive to climate change. Increasing temperatures can compromise the quality of the wine, and hence, the living conditions of those in the industry. According to Wineries for Climate Protection, “temperatures have risen 1º C in the Mediterranean in the last 40 years and forecasts for the 21st century range in an increase of between 2 and 5º C”. In Spain, the industry is facing the challenge of reducing the CO2 missions and with the 2011 Barcelona Declaration they are hoping to get wineries from around the world ton board. The aim is to save the environment, landscape, tradition and culture by making wineries more eco-friendly. How? By endorsing their manifesto:

Wineries for Climate Protection Manifesto
1. Reducing emissions
Reduce the carbon footprint per bottle produced at the rate set by the European Union by 20% until 2020.

2. Sustainable building
Use construction techniques that leverage and decrease the use of natural resources, thereby reducing power consumption and overall environmental impact of the habitability of the buildings and achieve integration with the landscape.

3. Renewable energy and energy efficiency
Using alternative energy sources, to cover part of the thermal requirements of the winery and implement auditing systems to save energy consumption in production.

4. Sustainable agriculture and biodiversity
Implement cultural practices for the conservation of natural resources and the environment, limit the use of chemicals and encourage the flora, fauna and soil quality.

5. Reduction of water footprint
Optimize water use per unit of production, by conducting effective and efficient management of the availability of water in agriculture, gardening and production processes.

6. Ecodesign
Introduce environmental criteria in the design of product packaging in order to minimize their impact on nature.

7. Waste reduction
Reduce the amount of waste generated and implement recycling and recovery of materials. Use the products of the winery, as new raw material production.

8. Efficient distribution
Minimize the environmental impact of product distribution, using more energy-efficient transportation (rail, vehicles with lower fuel consumption ...) and optimization of loads and routes.

9. Research and Innovation
Develop research projects directed to achieve the reduction of natural resource use, waste generation and emissions of CO2.

10. Communication
Sensitize providers and workers in good environmental practices and to combat climate change.

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Wineries For Climate Protection – the Manifesto!
Here's the manifesto by the Spanish wine industry to fight climate change by making wineries more eco-friendly. Vines are very sensitive to climate change and so their environment, landscape, culture and tradition need protecting.

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