Why did the 700 goats cross the road? (video)

Goats crossing the road
Video screen capture YouTube

Goat spill? Runaway herd? Stampede? We’ve got the story behind this amazing video of goats gone wild.

Goats are the new cute cats. Well actually it might be hard to dethrone cute cats as the reigning royalty of all things viral on the Internet, but goats are definitely working hard to get noticed. There are fainting goats, frolicking baby goats in pajamas and goats that climb trees – we world-wide-web enjoyers can’t seem to get enough of these members of the genus Capra.

Which may go to explain why this video of 700 (700!) goats crossing the road is so appealing. Look at them, they even have the crossing guard jumping to duty! What’s going on here?

As it turns out, it’s not a great goat escape, rather this caprine river is a flock of workers owned by a California business called Goats R Us. They have 8,000 goats in their employment who do their job of grazing on brush, thistles and other so-called weeds. Their work is especially valuable in the face of the drought; the dry vegetation they’re eating is the perfect food for fires. Goats are heroes.

This particular lovely gaggle was working on the property of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Here their work in that area was complete and they were moving on to the next location, which doesn’t take much, says Terri Oyarzun, co-owner of Goats R Us.

"Have you heard the saying, 'The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence?' Goats were the inspiration for that philosophy," she says.

And thus, the goats were crossing the road to get to more weeds.

"They are fast and direct," she says. They have a, “good attitude and work ethic. They love their job and do it well." And we love their job, too.


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