UK Police Hunt for a Herd of Stolen Elk

Elks seem to get more than their fair of bizarre headlines.

Drunk elks get stuck in apple trees
, and it's even been said that elks once ruled New York City. But this might be a first for us.

The Guardian reports that police in the UK are searching for a herd of stolen elk:

Officers believe the thieves may have used dogs to round the large beasts up and must have had a sizeable lorry. They are particularly keen to speak to anyone who has been offered cuts of elk meat – or even an actual elk. Fortunately, farmer Paul Richards managed to stop a herd of bison, which roam in the same fields as the elk, from escaping after a fence was cut.

Much like the epidemic of bee thefts I reported on a while back, there may indeed be a surreal, even comical, aspect to such stories for those of us who are not farmers. An image of nefarious crooks herding a lorry load of elk is just so far removed from what most of us consider to be crime.

And yet theft from farms and farmers is a major threat to the economic sustainability of small- to medium-scale agriculture. And that's something that should concern us all.

UK Police Hunt for a Herd of Stolen Elk
The surreal nature of this headline masks a very real problem for farmers everywhere.

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