Permaculture Magazine launches global £20,000 prize

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CC BY 2.0 McKay Savage

From my friend and mentor's fantastically haphazard permaculture allotment to a 23 year old food forest in New Zealand (and a younger one in LA), we've shared a good selection of projects from around the world that are applying permaculture principles to tackle real world problems.

One thing I've noticed over the years though: There's not always a lot of money to be had for putting things right.

So it's encouraging to hear that Permaculture Magazine are launching a £20,000 (US$ 27,500) prize fund for permaculture projects from around the world. Split into one £10,000 and four £2,500 prizes, the fund aims to reward innovative schemes that are regenerating damaged land; enhancing habitat and biodiversity; helping people to gain practical and community skills; adding value to produce and developing local economies; building community, creating social glue and greater economic resilience and/or modeling new ways of cooperating and new cultural paradigms.

To qualify, projects must have been functioning for at least three years and have established their place within their community. You can apply any time between now and June 30th, 2018.

Good luck, and keep growing!

Permaculture Magazine launches global £20,000 prize
Got a cool permaculture project that could do with some funding? Well, here's your chance.

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