Internet Food Show 'Perennial Plate' to Roam the Earth Looking for Sustainable Food

Perennial Plate global imageThe Perennial Plate/Video screen capture

The world is not short of internet videos on sustainable food. Some of them are even good.

But the Perennial Plate has manged something quite remarkable—not just a few good videos that happen to go viral, but an ongoing series of episodes spanning two seasons and travelling all across the United States.

From hunting and eating roadkill in Minnesota through a vegan farm animal rescue center to an exploration of how to kill your own turkey, Daniel and Mirra have explored a broad range of topics on all aspects of sustainable food in America.

Now, the pair are going global. Although according to their teaser video, Daniel's motivations may not be entirely motivated by saving the world...

perennial plate global engagement photoThe Perennial Plate/Video screen capture

Perennial Plate global gulp imageThe Perennial Plate/Video screen capture

Whatever the truth behind their decision, foodies with an appetite for adventure can look for a Globe trotting season of shorts looking at what sustainable food means in countries across the Globe. Should be a good ride. Given the couple's willingness to spill their guts (pun unintended but appropriate) on everything from their differing views on eating invasive species; the annoying phenomenon of folks judging people for being vegetarians; or the alleged failures of Chipotle to ensure labor rights and ethical farming policy, this will be more than just another travelogue for overprivileged foodies.

The whole world eats. It's time we started paying attention to how that happens. (Or indeed, how it doesn't.)

Internet Food Show 'Perennial Plate' to Roam the Earth Looking for Sustainable Food
The Perennial Plate's foodie road trips around the States have become an internet phenomenon. Now they are going global.

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