"The French Laundry" Founders on the Joys of Heirloom Apple Farming

Apple Farming photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

The French Laundry is legendary in the restaurant world. But before it was taken over by chef Thomas Keller, it was owned by Don and Sally Schmitt. The Schmitt's moved on, however, and they now farm heirloom apples in the sleepy town of Philo, CA.

Here the Schmitt's son-in-law Tim Bates talks about the joys and solitude of apple farming, the rich variety of flavors in traditional, seasonal apple varieties, and the evils of the Red Delicious. We also see how the family have recently incorporated animals into the farm to pursue an integrated, ecosystem based approach.

From farming with horses to the importance of animal poop, these are topics familiar to many TreeHuggers. Yet this is a beautifully presented portrait of a slower, more deliberate approach to food production.


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